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   Dave's Den                      Gido Shack                  Sante Shack               Beauvallon Crossing

Emergency Shelters

All emergency shelters have indoor stoves, seating, fire starting supplies axes, firewood, and outdoor picnic facilities, including tables and firepits. Outhouses are available at each location.
Locations: in Alberta
Gido Shack:                SE Sec 27-56-11 W4M, northwest corner of Lac Sante, burned down June 6, 2015
Dave's Den:                 SE Sec 31-55-11 W4M, along north shore of the North Saskatchewan River
Sante Shack:               SE Sec 26-56-11W4M, in the northeast corner of Lac Sante
Beauvallon Crossing:  NE Sec 31-55-10W4M, along the north shore of the North Saskatchewan River, at the Beauvallon Ferry crossing


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